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Descrizione sommaria
Descrizione sommaria
Suganuma Abrasives (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in Fuzhou, China in 2008 as a joint venture company specializing in the production of diamond grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, resin CBN, ceramic grinding wheels, ceramic CBN, rubber guide wheels, resin, ceramic, rubber, non-woven abrasive wheels, and so on. The company was co-invested and established by Suganuma Toishi Seisakusho Co. Ltd, Fuzhou Dapeng Import Export Trade Co., Ltd,and Guangzhou Ridong Laikus Trading Co., Ltd. Suganuma Abrasives obtained the Export Product Quality License Certificate in August 2010 and passed the ISO9001 CQC Quality Management System Certification in February 2011. Our company invited a senior technical consultant from Norton, Japan, and received technical support and cooperation from Keihin Kogyo Co in 2014. The newly developed diamond grinding wheels, centerless grinding, thread grinding, SG low-temperature grinding wheels, and rubber guide wheels are widely used in automotive windshield edge grinding, high-temperature nickel alloy workpiece grinding, high-speed rail, aerospace, and aviation applications.
Since its establishment, Suganuma Abrasives has aimed to make high-quality grinding wheels for the Chinese people and promote the abrasive industry's continuous development. Adhering to the core values of "diligence, simplicity, learning, innovation," we insist on the strategic route of independence, application research and development, openness, and inclusiveness. For more than a decade, Suganuma's grinding products have been certified and selected by the world's leading manufacturers and producers. Suganuma Abrasives has advanced facilities and a beautiful factory environment, creating a more comfortable working environment for employees and training more talented people.


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