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Whetstone specially for the bearing industry

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SGW Whetstone specially for the bearing industry 
The product is applicable to the grinding of the inner diameter of the inner ring of bearing as well as to the internal grinder. The inner ring of internal grinder is generally supported by back-up block and is driven for rotation by magnetic chuck or platen. There are feeding in multiple steps during grinding, including coarse grinding, accurate grinding and no spark. At the same time, there is slight reciprocated grinding. 
Ultra-fine grinding is the last process for processing inner and outer ring raceway. There are various requirements, including that the roundness, waviness, shape and surface roughness shall meet the final requirement at this step. The inner and outer rings of superfinishing machine tool shall be supported and the rotation shall be driven by steel roller. The machine tool can have one or several heads. The superfinishing process can be finished by one or several steps, such as coarse grinding and accurate grinding. The oilstone will be ground in the raceway in a reciprocated way.   
SGW the inner and outer round whetstone can raise the finishing interval through vacuum sulfurizing.   
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